Our highly qualified and experienced groomers groom dogs while seeking a cat groomer . They can groom your pet to whatever specifications you like and will treat your pet as their own. Included in a full groom:


Blow dry


Proper Clip

Nail Trim

Cleaning and if needed Plucking of the Ears

Anal Glad Expression


Sanitary clip

Appointments for full grooms are available Monday through Saturday. We accept walk-ins for nail trimming, ear plucking and cleaning, gland expression and eye trimming only. 

Additional services can be added to any grooming such as teeth brushing, specialty shampoos, nail filing, flea and tick treatment and skunk baths. We offer a wide variety of specialty shampoos including Oatmeal, Strawberry Milk bath, Whitening, Blueberry facials, Ultra Clear perfume free, Orange crush and Pomegranate.

We also offer nail trimming for dogscats, and small animals as well as wing and nail trimming for birds.
For the health and safety of all pets we require written proof of up to date vaccinations.
Please note our NO SHOW/ LATE POLICY

All clients arriving 15 or more minutes late will be asked to reschedule. No exceptions

All clients who miss an appointment without notice will be charged a $10 rescheduling fee. This will be applied to your next appointment.

When cancelling an appointment please call in advance as early as possible to avoid the no show fee as well as giving another client the opportunity to utilize that appointment time. 

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